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I was born and raised in Utah and have fond memories of my childhood in Salt Lake City.  My parents provided a loving home for me along with my brother and two sisters. We had fun growing up together. It was from the example and love my parents offered that I learned how to nurture and develop meaningful relationships within my own family.


I graduated from Brigham Young University in 1977 with degrees in Sociology and Youth Leadership. It was there I met my husband Gary in my last year of college. We hit it off immediately and have shared many incredible life experiences throughout our marriage.


I am the proud mother of five children and four grandchildren who live in the western United States. Raising my five children was a great learning process and through it I developed my parenting philosophy, When parents change kids change.  I discovered from my own children that the uniqueness of each child must be understood. It is a necessity that their individuality be respected. I was driven to publish my findings in print and so I wrote ParentFix. After publishing my book I was asked to promote the book by teaching parenting workshops, which led to a professional parenting career.

I now work with youth groups, parent groups and educators offering parenting help in today’s world. I believe that the health of any society lies in the strength of its families. Strengthening families will strengthen communities and nations.

I personally try to achieve this goal by volunteering the majority of my time to The ParentFix Foundation. A non-profit organization dedicated to improving family life. Currently I am partnered with Barnes & Noble Book Stores presenting parenting workshops across the country. Locally, I present parenting segments on KSL Studio Five. I also work with CBS, NBC and ABC affiliates nationwide. In San Diego, I work with the San Diego Unified School District and XETV Bay City Television. 

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