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Safe Haven

Children that come from a calm, loving, peaceful home environment are different. They are happy, self assured, motivated and well adjusted. Children from a loving home are loaded with all the positive adjectives you want to see in your own child. It is the parent’s responsibility to create that kind of atmosphere in the home.

Fear Based Parenting

When our children are influenced by the negatives thrown at them it unnerves us. As parents we react. Instead of using calm parenting with a touch of sensibility, fear sets into our parenting. Fear is a very real emotion that is destroying our common sense to parenting.

Build Strong Relationships

One of the biggest complaints I hear from teenage parents is that their child won’t talk to them or refuses to listen to them. This is not a child problem, but one a parent can solve. Think about the people you choose to be around; the ones you go to for advice. Who are they and what are the qualities they exhibit?

Understanding Behavior

Your child’s behavior teaches you the needs of your child. We all have needs. Your child has needs. Your goal in this exercise is to figure out what your child’s needs are and then teach them the appropriate way to meet those needs As you do this you will watch your child’s behavior improve.


As an adult, how do you feel when a boss or someone in authority denies you something you know is right for you?  How does it make you feel?  That is exactly what you are doing to your child.

Plea To Parents

In today's age of troubled youth, broken families, and mixed messages from the media, our families are fighting a tough battle to succeed. With the increase in drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, teenage suicide, many of our families are failing. Parents need help.

The fact is that there is nothing wrong within most of our families that a change of attitude and new parenting skills wouldn't fix. The links below are the basic philosophies found in ParentFix to help transform your family in positive and constructive way.

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