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Have you ever tried to change another person? If you have, you probably know it is next to impossible. If it were possible to remake the people in our lives, just think how our lives would change. Family relationships would improve. Divorce rates would drop. Out of control teenagers would behave. Life could be perfect...or would it?


If our greatest joys and sorrows come from family relationships, are we truly happy when we are in control of our loved ones? No. That deep joy we are searching for comes as we watch those we love learn lessons that change their lives. To have that, we must change, not the ones we love.


In today’s age of troubled youth, broken families, and

mixed messages from the media, our families are fighting

a tough battle to succeed. With the increase in drug and

alcohol addiction, eating disorders, teenage suicide,

many of our families are failing. Parents need help.



Antiquated parenting methods will not work on today’s kids. As a mother, I spent years researching and found the answers I needed to successfully raise my children. After thirty years of practical experience, I know there are answers that make a difference. These truths are the basis of my parenting philosophy and my book ParentFix.


There is power in parenting, correct parenting. Parents, it is you that will have the greatest influence your child...not their friends or teachers. You will be the one that makes a difference in their life.


Your children need you.

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