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Our children are growing up in a very unique world. A world that is very different from the one that most of us as parents were raised in. The positive side to this world is that the opportunities presented to our children are endless. For example, technology is opening all kinds of doors creating a new world of dreams for our children.


Unfortunately, there is a down side. Greed, pride and dishonesty are rampant. Negative influences are immediate. This is a difficult environment with increasing challenges. Our homes are no longer the peaceful ‘Father Knows Best’ scenarios. With all the stress, our homes have become pressure filled battlefields. Many families are losing the fight. 


It doesn’t have to be this way. We must fight back and change our home environments.


When our children are influenced by the negatives thrown at them it unnerves us. As parents we react. Instead of using calm parenting with a touch of sensibility, fear sets into our parenting. Fear is a very real emotion that is destroying our common sense to parenting.


What happens to you when you feel fear? Try this scenario:  What would you do right now if you found yourself suddenly being attacked by a lion? Would you freeze, unable to move? Would you run away wildly? Or would you act defensively, fighting back? I know this sounds silly but fear in the wild is not too far from parenting. As parents we need to plan how we will react when something our child does puts us in unknown territory. 




Fear based parenting brings mistrust, anger and control. Fear based parenting is the surest way to create intimidated children or children who rebel against their parents. If we continue to let all the stress and fear from the outside world seep into our homes, we will destroy the basic unit of society, our family. It is possible to reprogram and change what is going on in our homes. ParentFix can help.

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