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Gordon Monson

Salt lake Tribune

Parent Fix powerfully influenced me and my wife, causing us to question and, ultimately, alter some of the parenting attitudes and methods we had developed and used for years with our five daughters. What a difference those changes have made in our lives. This book opened our eyes not only to what we really wanted to accomplish as parents, but how best to accomplish it. We always loved our children, but had a eureka moment when we read that our home, first and foremost, should be a safe haven from a crazy world, that our top priority, come what may, should be nourishing strong relationships, not worrying about enforcing a list of rules by which to live. We discovered we could become better parents by examining our own behaviors first and making changes in order to effectively guide and influence our kids, to love them and teach them important things that will help them along their way.


Readers who open their minds and follow the book's recommendations will see positive changes in their family. Every parent wants that at some level.

In today’s day and age of troubled youth, broken families, and a slew of mixed messages from the media, the Internet, self-help books, and talk shows, this book is a breath of fresh air in its honest and down-to-earth approach to helping parents be the best parents they can be, while making clear that mistakes will be made and that there is no quick fix for dysfunctional family, unruly teens, and family fights. It is also refreshing to hear the author speak from her own experiences and explain how parents need to be open to change in order for their children to change. Stevens, additionally, offers sound advice for approaching their teens’ “odd” interests (hobbies, haircuts, styles), by not dismissing them altogether, but by getting to understand them and finding ways to compromise, something that takes an open mind and an ability to let go of some control over their children’s lives. Stevens’ advice is very practical, very doable, and can create a peaceful home, a good relationship between parents and kids, and aid in the formation of responsible, educated, happy young adults.

I loved all the new ideas in ParentFix! I really resonated with

the chapters about Behavior and Control. These are two of my problems. I have a 5 year old who is too much like me. Organized, energetic, social and not very flexible. I think we clash sometimes over silly things. I need to become less worried about what I think needs to happen and more about what is best for him. This book was so good for me to read.

ParentFix is a well thought out well formed book and different

from any parenting book I have read. There is so much research in book form, it is so revolutionary, very forward thinking. If Oprah had kids Maggie would be on her show. It's like the dog whisperer . . . he rehabilitates dogs,and trains humans-- she rehabs kids and trains parents.

Niki Tippets

Lexington, Kentucky

Shawn Harrison

CEO Harrison Industries

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