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As a young mother with toddlers I watched as multiple friends lost their teenage children to full-scale rebellion.  These teens, who were their parents greatest sources of pride and joy had metamorphosed into holy terror; defying authority, drinking excessively, partying and ignoring any parental jurisdiction.  It frightened me, making my dreams of what a family should be seem impossible. I did not want that life for my children. I was determined to find a better way.


I dedicated myself to figuring out this parenting thing. ParentFix is the culmination of my parenting research and parenting experience. I found the answers needed to successfully raise my children. After thirty years of practical experience, I discovered there are truths parents need to make a difference. There is power in parenting, correct parenting.


ParentFix is different from other parenting books. ParentFix stresses when parents change, kids change. Too often parents try to change their child by nagging, yelling or by using rigid discipline. It never works. Why?  It is impossible to change another person with those methods. Think how it makes you feel when your boss or spouse chews you out for making a mistake. Your child feels the same way.


Instead of blaming your child, make a change and try to understand your child’s behavior. ParentFix can teach you how to handle the problem without damaging your child. Through this process a positive relationship between you and your child will develop. When parents implement this change the aura in their home is enticing. The parent is happy. The child is satisfied. The relationship is strong. You will be thrilled with the outcome.


* ParentFix Is available wherever books are sold and can be purchased directly through our store.

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